Who are we?



We are a team of clinicians and researchers with a shared interest in looking after our patients, ourselves and each other.  Below is a short biography on each team member:

Adrian Plunkett:  I am a consultant Paediatric Intensivist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  My main interests are palliative care, epidemiology, sepsis, metacognition and excellence reporting.  I am a rational optimist, and I am addicted to reading.  Tweet me @adrianplunkett or email me adrianplunkett@nhs.net

Nicki Kelly:  I am a Consulant in Paediatric Intensive Care in Nottingham. I am particularly interested in hearing from other doctors in training, junior healthcare professionals and students about how we can share excellence and fresh ideas to build a more positive NHS for the future. Tweet @nickik_ or email nickik@doctors.org.uk.

Simon Blake: I’m a social science researcher, learner and teacher from Warwick Business School. Currently, whilst I develop my doctoral project at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, I am embedded within CLAHRC West Midlands. Connecting with co-creators of impactful, inclusive and ‘different’ healthcare innovation research has become a passion. Tweet @simonb143 or email simon.blake@warwick.ac.uk

Gabriella Morley: I am a FY1 doctor in the West Midlands. My interests in medicine are still broad, but I particularly enjoy paediatrics and the management of acute illness. Trying to understand physics, space travel and cross-country running are my passions. And, I firmly believe in LfE: by recognising excellence, we are more likely to replicate it. Tweet @gabriellamorley or email gabriella.morley@nhs.net

Emma Plunkett:  I am a locum consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s Hospital.  I am a trained mentor and I am interested in peer support and staff well-being.  Tweet @emmaplunkett or email emmaplunkett@doctors.org.uk

4 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Dr Francis Jayadoss

    Hi Adrian,
    I am a Consultant in anaesthetics at New Cross Hospital
    I thoroughly enjoyed the concepts of LFE and all the presentations. would be wonderful if either you or one of your team can to our department at New Cross to do a presentation so as to spread the word

  2. Penelope Thomas

    Hi Adrian and co,
    I am an English Obstetrician/Gynaecologist practising in NSW. I heard your SMACC podcast and have been struck afresh by the echoes in my own experience, throughout my working life. Most recently , I had the opportunity of widely disseminating positive feedback after some amazing teamwork in 2 rare obstetric emergencies in a small regional hospital, and have noted again the improved communication, moral, and motivation subsequently. I would like to get this set up as a more formal system, and wondered if you could give me some advice as to how to start..

  3. Jill Groves

    Dear Adrian, I was at the LfE conference last Thursday… WOW! What a fantastic day, I hope you are feeling very positive yourselves right now. I myself work in the private sector for Nuffield Health and am receiving great support from my Hospital Director to set up a Learning from Excellence scheme in our hospital and hopefully beyond in time. I may be being a bit thick, but I thought you mentioned that you had set up a reporting tool we could use, with a link to it on the website, so that we could use that to initiate a scheme? I cannot find that link, can you help please? Many thanks.

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