Publications and events


On this page we will share any public “output” from this initiative, including events and publications in journals, newspapers and conferences.

For news on our LfE conference please see our dedicated conference page.

Publications and blogs:

Dec 18: Review article in anaesthesia:  “People, systems and safety: resilience and excellence in healthcare practice.”

June 18: Early results of PRAISe project – Webex for Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

Mar 18: Implementation of Learning from Excellence initiative in a neonatal intensive care unit. Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal and Neonatal edition.

Feb 2018: Oral presentation at Sepsis Unplugged conference.  PRAISe project results.

Jan 2018:  LfE featured in HSJ article – “The Good Stuff“.

Dec 2017: LfE as a case study in Deloitte “Time to Care” report

Nov 2017: Blog from Suzette Woodward about the LfE conference 2017.

Sept 2017: Feature on ideas alliance website.

Dec 2016: SWAHSN experience of Learning from Excellence.

Sept 2016:  “Noticing the good: learning from excellence in healthcare”.  College of Anaesthetists of Ireland newsletter.

May 2016:  Leading article, Free full text article:  Archives of Disease in Childhood:

November 2015:  Guest blog on Sign up to Safety.  A fable – “Tale of two SIRIs“.

August 2015: Guest blog on World Health Innovation Summit website.


Speaking events and meetings:

Future events:

Feb 2020: LfE3 – 3rd National LfE Community Event, BCEC, Birmingham

Nov 2019: PICS conference, London

Nov 2019: NPPG conference, Birmingham

Sept 2019: Paediatric anaesthesia meeting, Leicester

Sept 2019: Surgical Leadership programme, Birmingham

July 2019: HSJ Patient Safety Conference

July 2019: SHOT conference, Harpenden

June 2019: MIAA event, Liverpool


Past events:

May 2019: Royal Free trainee wellbeing event

May 2019: Coventry UNiversoty Hospitals Leadership conference

May 2019: RCPCH national conference

April 2019: National neonatal grid training meeting, Birmingham

April 2019: Always Events event, London

Mar 2019: AI world congress, Nice

Jan 2019: RCoA perioperative safety event, London

Jan 2019: Oxfordshire Regional Appraisers Conference, General Practice

Jan 2019: ATEEM meeting, Birmingham

Jan 2019: LfE conference, OVLG, Amsterdam

Nov 2018: EMTA trainee’s event, Cardiff

Nov 2018: UCL Partners LfE event

Nov 2018:  Learning from Excellence Community Event, Birmingham

Oct 2018: European Perfusion conference. Milan

Sept 2018: MCQIC sepsis event, Aberdeen

Sept 2018: Surgical Leadership Programme, University of Brimingham

Sept 2018: Aberdeen MCQIC meeting

June 2018: QI academy event, Walsall Hospital

June 2018: Swindon Hospitals Quality Improvement / LfE conference

June 2018: University Hospitals of North Midlands Grand Round

May 2018: Solutions for Patient Safety conference, Chicago

May 2018:  RCEM Flourishing in Adversity Event, London

May 2018:  RCoA Clinical Directors Meeting, London

May 2018:  Medway Patient Safety Conference

May 2018: Perioperative Safety and Quality meeting. Whitechapel.

May 2018: Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust Senior Leaders away day

April 2018: Retrieval 2018, Glasgow.

April 2018:  Positivity, Civility & Safety, RHC CME day, Glasgow

March 2018: AAGBI core topics. Chester

Feb 2018:  NHS Improvement event, London.

Jan 2017:  Hampshire Hospitals Quality Improvement Conference

Dec 2017: Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society. Washington DC.

Nov 16th 2017: National conference for LfE. Birmingham.

Oct 2017: Prisons research centre conference, Cambridge

Oct 2017: Resilience masterclass, Birmingham.

July 19th 2017: Q Welcome event. Birmingham.

May 26th 2017: SASWR Spring Meeting, Cheltenham

May 23rd 2017:  National Patient Safety Collaborative Learning Event, Emirates Stadium, London.

May 12th 2017: Risky Business, London.

May 11th 2017:  CHFG Safer Births Open Seminar, Birmingham.

May 9th 2017:  RCEM Scotland meeting

May 5th 2017: Quality Improvement workshop for new consultants, Nuneaton.

Apr 5th 2017:  Darzi fellow meeting, RSM London.

Mar 31st 2017: Birmingham Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, quality board.

Mar 21st 2017: AAGBI Improving Patient Safety Seminar, London

Mar 15th 2017:  Scottish Quality & Safety Fellowship event.

Feb 28th 2017: National maternal and neonatal health safety collaborative. London QE2 centre.

Feb 9th 2017:  MCQIC meeting, Scotland.

Jan 26th 2017: Scottish Intensive Care Society annual scientific meeting

Dec 10th 2016:  PCICS conference, Miami

Nov 30th 2016: Sharing best practice conference, SWAHSN.  Exeter

Nov 28th 2016:  Where did it all go so right?  WMAHSN Free event. Worcester Rugby Club

November 2016: Keynote address: NPPG annual conference, Solihull.

Sept 20th 2016:  Where did it all go so right?  WMAHSN free event.  Stoke.

August 30th 2016:  Clinical governance day:  Kings College Hospital

July 19th 2016: Where did it all go so right? WMAHSN free event. Birmingham.

July 2016: RCPCH, Safer in your hands. Programme here.

June 2016:  SMACC conference, Dublin (Day 3).  Programme here.

June 2016:  Euro-ELSO conference, Glasgow.

May 2016: Great Ormond Street Hospital, Grand Round.

February 2016:  Anaesthesia CME meeting, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen.

January 2016:  Presentation at human factors study day as part of OXDAT education programme, at Stoke Mandeville.

January 2016: Learning from Excellence workshop event at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Attended by over 70 delegates from around the UK. We intend to make this a regular event. The programme for the event can be seen here. Videos from this event coming soon.

January 2016: Presentation at Winter Scientific Meeting of the AAGBI. Link to video coming soon.

September 2015: PICS conference.  We recently showcased the initiative at the Paediatric Intensive Care Society conference.  Adrian’s presentation was recorded and will be available as digital video file soon.  We also presented 3 posters;  these are available to view on the following links:

  1. The concept of Learning from Excellence (a description of the background and basic fundaments of our initiative in our department)
  2. Appreciation” – a qualitative assessment of our staff’s response to the question “what would help you feel better appreciated at work?”; and how this may be related to staff retention in the NHS.
  3. The impact of excellence reporting on PICU – results of a staff survey.

June 2015:  Video presentation at GAT conference, Manchester.