Publications and other outputs

On this page we will share any public “output” from this initiative, including events and publications in journals, newspapers and conferences.

For news on our LfE conference please see our dedicated conference page.

Publications and blogs:

Nov 2023: Currently in review – a thematic analysis of AI interviews from the PRAISe project.

Nov 2023: Learning from excellence: a thematic analysis
of staff-reported excellence in healthcare from two acute NHS trusts, BJHM.  Link to free full text.

Nov 2022: Positive approaches to safety: Learning from what we do well. Link to abstract.

August 2022: Chapter on LfE in Oxford Handbook of patient safety.

Sept 2021: Embracing excellence in healthcare: the role of positive feedback. Link to full text article in Archives of Disease in Childhood.

April 2021: Trainee doctors’ experiences of learning and well-being while working in intensive care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study using appreciative inquiry.  Link to full text in BMJ Open 2021.

Dec 2020: Learning from excellence in healthcare: Link to article in Hindsight magazine.

June 2020: Chapter in European Journal of Anaesthesia – “Safety-II and Learning from Excellence: reframing patient safetyFree full text.

June 2020: “Impact of the Learning from Excellence programme in NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom: an exploratory study” British Journal of Healthcare Management.

Aug 19: PRAISe manuscript, published in pediatric quality and safety 2019.

Dec 18: Review article in anaesthesia:  “People, systems and safety: resilience and excellence in healthcare practice.”

June 18: Early results of PRAISe project – Webex for Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

Mar 18: Implementation of Learning from Excellence initiative in a neonatal intensive care unit. Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal and Neonatal edition.

Feb 2018: Oral presentation at Sepsis Unplugged conference.  PRAISe project results.

Jan 2018:  LfE featured in HSJ article – “The Good Stuff“.

Dec 2017: LfE as a case study in Deloitte “Time to Care” report

Nov 2017: Blog from Suzette Woodward about the LfE conference 2017.

Sept 2017: Feature on ideas alliance website.

Dec 2016: SWAHSN experience of Learning from Excellence.

Sept 2016:  “Noticing the good: learning from excellence in healthcare”.  College of Anaesthetists of Ireland newsletter.

May 2016:  Leading article, Free full text article:  Archives of Disease in Childhood:

November 2015:  Guest blog on Sign up to Safety.  A fable – “Tale of two SIRIs“.

August 2015: Guest blog on World Health Innovation Summit website.