Of great interest to the LfE community – here is an excellent talk from Liz Crowe on well-being:

“Are we looking for well-being in all the wrong places?”, August 2020.


Here are a series of talks on Zoom from July 2020, including a very inspiring talk from Dean Stott:

July 16th 2020 “Reframe and Rise Again:”

AP: “History of LfE, Improving performance with positive language and overcoming negative bias:”

Dean Stott: “A man, A cycle and A very long highway, an individual’s pursuit of excellence:”

Alison: “A time to reframe, Positive approach to QI”


Short summary of the PRAISe project:

Video presentation for Resilient Healthcare Network Conference (2nd prize 2018):

Video highlights and interviews from LfE Community Event Nov 2017:

Adrian’s talk at Risky Business 2017:

Here is Adrian’s presentation from SMACC conference 2016:


The philosophy of LfE in a nutshell:

Video recordings from Learning from Excellence 2016 at BCH (January 2016).

Adrian explains the philosophy behind the Learning from Excellence initiative

Nicki describes the story at BCH, and what we have captured so far in our reporting:

Simon explains how we use appreciative inquiry to investigate episodes of excellence:

Gabriella explains how Excellence Reporting can be used in Quality Improvement:

Jane explains the concept of safety 2: