LfE quality improvement toolkit


We have produced a toolkit for those of you wishing to replicate the PRAISe Project methodology.

Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis (PRAISe) was a quality improvement (QI) initiative designed to evaluate the effectiveness of LfE. In a focused clinical area (sepsis management and antimicrobial stewardship) we adapted the LfE interventions (positive feedback through excellence reporting and appreciative inquiry) to drive behavioural change and generate improvement ideas.

A key enabler in our project was the pre-existing familiarity of staff with the LfE philosophy and process.

This proof of concept project was successful in the primary aim of reducing antibiotic consumption.  AI conversations generated evidence of the positive impact of LfE on front-line staff as well as improvement ideas.  LfE interventions impacted on some behaviours more than others.

It is our belief that the PRAISe Project methodology can be used in any healthcare setting for a wide range of improvement initiatives. Please contact the LfE team for further information and advice.

Update Aug 2019:

The LfEQI study day is now being delivered to selected teams in healthcare.  The presentations from the study day are available here:

Session 1: why learn from excellence?

Session 2: The PRAISe project

Session 3: Appreciative Inquiry

Session 4: Basic Quality Improvement methods

Session 5: Toolkit, SOAR and resources.


More LfEQI resources below:

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Mini-AI template – a template for Mini-AI interview, as used in the PRAISe project

Click here for the Health Foundation poster, summarising the PRAISe project

Click here for a video link of a webex presentation summarising LfE and the PRAISe project

Video summary of the PRAISe project:

Publication of the PRAISe project 

Click here for the paper for the PRAISe project, published in Peds Quality and Safety August 2019