Resources for implementing LfE

This page is for useful resources for setting up and maintaining an excellence reporting programme:

LfE Quality Improvement Toolkit (based on PRAISe project)

Quick start up guide LfE (July 2016)

LfE top 10 tips (Jan 2017)

How to get started – a few tips from our experience

Framework for “reverse SIRI” (now named IRIS) – adapted from Appreciative Inquiry methodology

Template (in MS word) for IRIS meetings

Example LfE FAQs  – for you to adapt for your organisation

Mini-AI template – Mini-AI template, as used in PRAISe project

10 uses for LfE & AI

LfE how to set up checklist

LOGO: Updated colour logo available here!

LOGO: Or a white one if you prefer.

LfE Appreciation card template – front

LfE Appreciation card template – back

For inspiration, posters from the Learning from Excellence conference are available to view and download here.