Our published work:

Highlights from the publications from the LfE team and members of the LfE community are listed at this page – publications and other outputs.

Additional recommended reading and other resources are listed below:

Pubmed links by keywords (title and abstract):

Resilience Engineering


FRAM analysis

Positive Organizational Scholarship


Safety-II and Resilience Engineering

Introductory articles and resources:

From safety-I to safety-II:  A White Paper:  (NHS England Sign up to Safety).

Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles (EUROCONTROL white paper)

Hollnagel talking at Risky Business 2014 in safety-II and resilience engineering.

FRAM analysis – (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) – website.

Where the rubber meets the road“: open access paper illustrating the use of FRAM in healthcare.

Can we ever imagine how work is done?“: Eurocontrol paper from Hollnagel, 2017

Can positivity promote safety?: Safety Science. Stratman et al. 2019.

Turning safety on its head: resilient healthcare.  International journal for quality in healthcare. Braithwaite et al. 2015.


Appreciative Inquiry:

An introduction to Appreciative Inquiry on the Appreciative Inquiry commons website

Appreciating People website;

Blog post from Appreciating People on our work with LfE and AI: Where did it all go so right?!  Supporting Learning from Excellence in the NHS.

How word choice can cultivate optimism – a short article on language and optimism.

“How to give an A” – a video presentation

Shawn Achor’s presentation on positive psychology

Cormac Russell’s presentation on Sustainable community development: from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

An introduction to AI, from Jon Tomsin.


The following section is a list of evidence and related writings to provide support for the wider initiative of LfE, and related initiatives (we will update this intermittently):

Feedback from positive trials enhances learning. Research quarterly for exercise and sport 78(2):40-7 · April 2007.  Chiviacowski and Wulf. Link to full text.

The feedback fallacy: Harvard Business Review 2019.

Systematic reflection: Implications for learning from failures and successes.  Ellis et al.  Current Directions in Psychological Science 2014.  Link to abstract.

Association between organisational and workplace cultures, and patient outcomes: systematic review.  Braithwaite et al.  BMJ Open 2017.  Link to paper (open access).
The problem with root cause analysis.  Peerally MF, Carr S,
Waring J, et al. BMJ Qual Saf 2017;26:417–422.

Negativity Bias, Negativity Dominance, and ContagionPaul Rozin, Edward B. Royzman Personality and Social Psychology Review. 2001

These two papers provide evidence for the link between staff engagement / staff experience and patient experience / NHS performance:

Employee engagement and NHS performance West and Dawson, Kings Fund, 2014

Links between NHS staff experience and patient satisfaction: analysis of surveys from 2014 and 2015.  Dawson, NHS England. 2018

Kindness, emotions and human relationships: the blind spot in public policy.  Julia Unwin, Carnegie UK 2018.

The PRAIse paper, LfEQI team, pediatric quality and safety Aug 2019

How did you do that?  A fascinating article on vicarious learning, showing evidence that we are motivated to learn from others’ failures AND successes.

Related articles on Quality Improvement:

Changing how we think about healthcare improvement: Braithwaite, BMJ 2018.