LfE conference posters



We had a wonderfully inspiring group of posters submitted to the LfE event in 2018.  The authors have kindly agreed to share copies of their work here. Please find pdfs of the posters below:

Using excellence reporting to improve peri-operative fasting times in paediatric anaesthesia

Appreciative Inquiry into why trainees rate their placement highly

The impact of staff of a LfE programme in the paediatric department at North Middlesex Hospital

Critically Careful Forum, an opportunity to promote multidisciplinary learning in the paediatric ED

Sometimes is is about the numbers – positive reporting @imperialEM

Talking about work – Learning from Experience at the London Ambulance Service

The ER-project

Learning from Excellence – initiating Greatix in ICU at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Learning from excellence – what matters to patients

The Joy of Excellence

2 4 6 8 How do we appreciate

Maslow, process mapping and a positive workplace culture – how do they fit together

Using filmmaking to remind our staff what motivates them at work

What makes good day in theatre

The impact of LfE on organisational performance in hospitals – an exploratory study

When positive reporting goes negative

Right cause analysis – integrating AI into LfE learning inquiries

Positive reporting and appreciative inquiry in sepsis – using LfE to improve antibiotic use in PICU

Where did it all go so right – learning from excellence uncovers the conditions that lead to success in antibiotic stewardship

Does positive reporting affect the multidisciplinary approach to antibiotic stewardship

Examples of LfE Reporting forms 2018



Here are some of the fantastic posters which were displayed at the 2017 Community event.

This group are on the subject of introducing LfE systems:

LfE launch in maternity at HEFT

Introducing a LfE pilot scheme in a busy Radiotherapy department

QI to enhance LfE at Plymouth Hospitals NHS trust

Developing Excellence in Walsall

Chelwest ED Excellence Reporting

Sharing Outstanding Excellence (SOX) at Salisbury NHSFT

Staff Morale and Introduction of Excellence Reporting on Southmead Central Delivery Suite

Introduction of excellence reporting to City Hospitals Sunderland – the first 6 months

From incidents to excellence in Western Australia

Greatix is a useful tool for learning from staff excellence.

This group are on related topics including projects focussing on positive practices, using Appreciative Inquiry or staff wellbeing:

A Grand Design UHB

Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis (PRAISe) – an improvement project protocol

Process visualisation in the NHS

Caring for the carers – supporting staff to develop self-care skills

Us and them, me and you, we – regulatory relationships in nursing homes

Compassion fatigue and self-compassion in acute medical care hospital nurses

Learning from positive practices in County Durham

Finally, this group are LfE posters which were displayed at the conference but which had also been presented elsewhere first.

smaccBYTE – LfE

LfE sustaining improvements in prescribing behaviour (presented at ESPA 2017)