LfE Conferences


LfE 3:  7 February 2020 (Sold out!):

Final details for the LfE3 conference are online here.

Click here for the conference brochure for LfE3.

See below for the brief programme for LfE3.

All the posters from LfE3 can be viewed on the poster page.

The second national LfE Community Event was held on Thursday November 15th 2018 at The Town Hall in Birmingham.

The theme of the event was “Creating a positive workplace culture”.  The event was generously sponsored again by the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative and supported by the West Midlands Academic Health Science network.  Please find the programme below:

You can download a copy of the event brochure 2018 LfE Programme (FINAL) here, with information about the day, details about the speakers and what the LfE team have been up to in the last year.

There was lots of activity on Twitter, if you would like to review that, search for #LfEConference18

Your stories: At the 2017 event, we were fortunate to have some fantastic posters related to examples of Learning from Excellence initiatives or projects using Appreciative Inquiry. This year, we were keen to hear about any projects related to the theme of the event, including examples of LfE and AI.

We had a fantastic group of submissions and you can find many of the posters on the LfE Conference poster page, as well as some posters from the 2017 event.


You can also download copies of the cards on the tables below:

Here are the pdfs of the cards above:

LfE Appreciation card template – front ; LfE Appreciation card template – back

LfE Reflection on excellence Card;  Investigation of excellence Card

LfE Good day Card


Information about the 2017 LfE Community Event can be found below:

On 16 November 2017 we held our first whole day national event.

Here’s a video with interviews and highlights of the event:

The purpose of the event was to connect people involved in or interested in Learning from Excellence to form a community of practice.  It was generously sponsored by the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative and supported by the team from the West Midlands AHSN.

The event became much more than a usual conference though.  It allowed us to reflect on why LfE is so important, how it has grown and where it is heading.  We were inspired and engaged by superb speakers, practised appreciative inquiry and heard from teams all round the country who have introduced a form of learning from excellence. It felt different, just like LfE feels different, and we are proud to have brought everyone together.

A copy of the event brochure is available here: LfE Programme (FINAL), and PDFs of many of the posters presented are available to view and download on the LfE Conference Posters page.  The ” How to set up LfE:  an implementation checklist” mentioned during the panel discussion is available to download from the Resources page.

The wonderful Suzette Woodward, who spoke about Safety II has written a beautiful summary of the day which can be found here.

You can also review the conversation from the event on Twitter: #LfEConference.

“You are appreciated” cards were given out at the event.  If you would like to print some more cards to use, the images of the front and back can be downloaded below:

LFE Event card – front

LFE Event card – back