LfE conference posters


LfE community event 2023, with Civility Saves Lives.  Event theme: Hope

We have, once again, had some incredible posters submitted to the event, around a range of topics related to the work of LfE and CSL.  We have grouped them into themes below:

Theme 1:  Positive reporting systems

  1. Let Glasgow Flourish
  2. The QEUH Critical Care GREAT-ix experience – development of a Learning from Excellence reporting mechanism.
  3. GREATix-pectations: A Multi-site Quality Improvement Initiative in Intensive Care and Theatres in Belfast
  4. Quarterly Excellence Reports
  5. Our communications first approach to embedding GREAT-ix
  6. Re-launching Learning from Excellence
  7. Learning from Excellence Awards
  8. Redefining Excellence in the Emergency Department: The Innovative Impact of GREATIX
  9. Healthcare professionals’ experiences of Learning from Excellence and Greatix
  10. Kindness alerts
  11. Mentorship and Hope

Theme 2:  LfEQI

  1. Improving blood culture documentation on ICU
  2. Positive Approaches in Quality Improvement to Increase Weighing Rates on PICU
  3. Improving safety, efficiency and regulatory aspects of the controlled drug pathway within Paediatric Intensive Care: A Quality Improvement Programme

Theme 3: Appreciative Inquiry

  1. T.E.A. time feedback – using Appreciative Inquiry to gather feedback from University of Buckingham medical students.
  2. Capturing Parent Experience – using Emotional Touchpoints to facilitate AI conversations with families on the Neonatal Unit
  3. Please can I turn the lights off to sleep? – Improving the ED experience for patients with acute mental health issues: an appreciative enquiry
  4. Can we create some calm within a storm? A national survey of UK Emergency Departments’ practice
  5. Challenging the Status Quo – using Appreciative Inquiry to deliver an asset-based curriculum to anaesthetic trainees.
  6. Unlocking success factors: An exploration of antimicrobial stewardship excellence in paediatric intensive care through thematic analysis of appreciative inquiry interviews with healthcare staff.
  7. TBC

Theme 4:  Workplace culture

  1. “Where there is hope, anything is possible” – an Appreciative Inquiry of Maternity Culture at Milton Keynes University Hospital.
  2. A survey to explore civility at James Cook University Hospital
  3. Establishing a Human Factors and Civility Service
  4. Building psychological safety into maternity services; an educational programme to support culture change.
  5. Unprofessional behaviours between healthcare staff – drivers and solutions

Theme 5:  Support and Wellbeing

  1. Giving staff a boost through a monthly wellbeing email
  2. Monthly Learning Lessons Framework
  3. Supporting health care professionals working with children and young people living with obesity: the role of reflective practice
  4. Primum Non Nocere: Exposing Medical staff to the Coroner’s Court
  5. The Grouping Grid: An innovative method to facilitate building relationships amongst team members.
  6. “The Birthday Baking Rota” – changing culture with CAKE and celebrations

To download a pdf of all the posters together, please click here.


LFE conference 2021, with Civility Saves Lives

We were fortunate to have some fantastic posters submitted to LfE4, representing many excellent projects around our conference theme.  Posters were grouped into 3 sessions, based on the topic of the poster and the session theme.

Session 1 posters were themed around setting up Learning from Excellence systems:

Poster 1.1 YOKOTEN Sessions – Boundaryless sharing, learning, and celebrating excellence

Poster 1.2 Paediatric GLEE (Greatix, Learning from Excellence Everywhere) Project

Poster 1.3 Learning From Excellence Improving the wellbeing of the scheme users AND providers

Poster 1.4 Praise You Like I Should Introduction of Learning from Excellence (LfE) to Temple Street PICU

Poster 1.5 Giving praise – is it an instant reward Praise based intervention in a hospital theatre department

Poster 1.6 Priming the pump of excellence reporting – what worked for us

Poster 1.7 I can’t stop grinning – feedback from implementing LfE in a maternity department using a QI approach

Poster 1.8 Excellence reporting

Poster 1.9 Learning from Excellence Implementation in the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock’s ICN

Poster 1.10 Learning from Excellence – A National Quality Improvement Team’s Story

Poster 1.11 Implementation of an excellence reporting system (GREATix) in theatres

Poster 1.12 Learning from Excellence a qualitative thematic analysis of staff-reported work-placed excellence from 2 NHS Trusts

Session 2 posters were themed around workplace culture, support and art at work:

Poster 2.1 Compassionism – Our Staff Initiated Culture Change Programme to Embed Civility, Respect and Compassion

Poster 2.2 ‘It’s the little things.’ Factors associated with job satisfaction in a UK major trauma centre ED

Poster 2.3 Play Nicely – Civility on the Children’s Ward

Poster 2.4 ‘P.S.’ I Love You Introduction of a Psychological Safety initiative to Temple Street ED

Poster 2.5 Thriving in BST – Introduction of a Health and Wellbeing Course for Basic Specialist Trainees in RCPI

Poster 2.6 Supporting Doctors’ Wellbeing in the Emergency Department (ED) through a Buddy Scheme

Poster 2.7 Prompting excellence reporting at theatre team debriefing

Poster 2.8 A study into lived experiences of psychological safety for Registered Nurses

Poster 2.9 Using a group vocal forum to prioritise trainee wellbeing amidst clinical service provision, redeployment and COVID-19 pandemic

Poster 2.10 E-DEN A garden to embed wellbeing into the Emergency Department

Poster 2.11 The Festival of Light brings joy to the workplace, team building and improving communication.

Session 3 posters were themed around putting appreciative inquiry into practice:

Poster 3.1 Working towards excellence in difficult IV access – BUSPASS project

Poster 3.2 Leadership training in a pandemic – using appreciative inquiry to improve our online course

Poster 3.4 Learning from Excellence in Emergency Theatre – A LfE Quality Improvement Project

Poster 3.5 Onboarding Experience of overseas doctors joining the NHS

Poster 3.6 Striving for excellent communication in full PPE

Poster 3.7 Creating a wellbeing strategy using an appreciative inquiry approach

Poster 3.8 How do staff working in paediatric intensive care define wellbeing – an appreciative inquiry approach

Poster 3.9 Appreciative inquiry & positive discussion to improve intrapartum shared decision making in maternity

Poster 3.10 A self-study on using an LfE approach in initial teacher education (ITE)

Alternatively, to download the posters as shown as slideshows in the breaks at the conference, please use the documents below.

Session 1 – Poster Slideshow

Session 2 – Poster Slideshow

Session 3 – Poster Slideshow



LFE conference 2020

Here are the posters from LfE3 (7th Feb 2020)

Poster Number Poster title
1 Children’s Hospices in Scotland: Reducing admission time to hospice.
2 Appreciative enquiry and positive reporting to improve electronic endorsing of test results in maternity​
3 Oxford University Hospital: Time critical medicines
4 Safe Airway and Ventilation Experience (SAVE)
5 Safe and effective handover maternity
6 Civility in cardiac theatres
7 Turnaround in emergency theatres
8 End PJ paralysis
9 Reducing anaemia in preterm infants
10 Giving Birth to Change: Promoting Learning from Excellence in the maternity unit at PHNT as an Always Event
11 Introducing excellence reporting in theatres
12 Glad mad sad sessions
13 What Do We Value?:  What Do We Value?
Using Excellence Reporting to Inform our Trust’s values
14 The use of Learning from Excellence in an evaluation of an innovative service within a tertiary paediatric hospital
15 In the moment: See it, say it
16 Boosting Trainee Morale And Educational Experience– A Learning From Excellence Project
17 Words and ideas can change the world
18 Scope of excellence reporting in Countess of Chester Hospital Intensive Care Unit and celebration of the near miss.
19 GREATix and DATIX: how we introduced an excellence reporting system in theatres to complement the ‘little sad stories’ generated from incidents reporting.
20 Improve the safety of patients at the point of care handover between ambulance and ED staff
21 Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre – Greatix excellence reporting system
22 Co-designing, implementing and evaluating a ‘Learning from Excellence’ intervention for community health workers and their direct supervisors in Neno, Malawi.
23 Outcomes, mechanisms and contextual factors of positive psychology interventions for health workers: a systematic review of global evidence.
24 Learning from Excellence at Barnet Hospital
25 Using J.E.D.I. tools to influence culture in the Emergency Department.  Is this the team you are looking for?
26 Complimenting your colleagues: How small changes in your interactions with your co-workers can lead to a positive culture change within a Federation.
27 Development of a Multidisciplinary Assessment Clinic For Patients Who Would Benefit From an Outpatient Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment using the ‘Big Room’ Quality Improvement Model.
28 Excellence reporting
29 Non-technical skills- the pillar of team work
30 You have received a Greatix! –Our experience in staff using Learning from Excellence (LfE) and DATIX systems in paediatrics.
31 Emotions are contagious
32 Positive reporting: recognising good work to boost morale.
33 Why Kata Matters
34 What are the conditions that enable excellence?
35 A Survey with a Twist
36 TREx Thames Valley Reporting Excellence: A Journey of Appreciation
37 Analysis of the Effect of Excellence Reporting in Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex Hospitals



We had a wonderfully inspiring group of posters submitted to the LfE event in 2018.  The authors have kindly agreed to share copies of their work here. Please find pdfs of the posters below:

Using excellence reporting to improve peri-operative fasting times in paediatric anaesthesia

Appreciative Inquiry into why trainees rate their placement highly

The impact of staff of a LfE programme in the paediatric department at North Middlesex Hospital

Critically Careful Forum, an opportunity to promote multidisciplinary learning in the paediatric ED

Sometimes is is about the numbers – positive reporting @imperialEM

Talking about work – Learning from Experience at the London Ambulance Service

The ER-project

Learning from Excellence – initiating Greatix in ICU at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Learning from excellence – what matters to patients

The Joy of Excellence

2 4 6 8 How do we appreciate

Maslow, process mapping and a positive workplace culture – how do they fit together

Using filmmaking to remind our staff what motivates them at work

What makes good day in theatre

The impact of LfE on organisational performance in hospitals – an exploratory study

When positive reporting goes negative

Right cause analysis – integrating AI into LfE learning inquiries

Positive reporting and appreciative inquiry in sepsis – using LfE to improve antibiotic use in PICU

Where did it all go so right – learning from excellence uncovers the conditions that lead to success in antibiotic stewardship

Does positive reporting affect the multidisciplinary approach to antibiotic stewardship

Examples of LfE Reporting forms 2018


Here are some of the fantastic posters which were displayed at the 2017 Community event.

This group are on the subject of introducing LfE systems:

LfE launch in maternity at HEFT

Introducing a LfE pilot scheme in a busy Radiotherapy department

QI to enhance LfE at Plymouth Hospitals NHS trust

Developing Excellence in Walsall

Chelwest ED Excellence Reporting

Sharing Outstanding Excellence (SOX) at Salisbury NHSFT

Staff Morale and Introduction of Excellence Reporting on Southmead Central Delivery Suite

Introduction of excellence reporting to City Hospitals Sunderland – the first 6 months

From incidents to excellence in Western Australia

Greatix is a useful tool for learning from staff excellence.

This group are on related topics including projects focussing on positive practices, using Appreciative Inquiry or staff wellbeing:

A Grand Design UHB

Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis (PRAISe) – an improvement project protocol

Process visualisation in the NHS

Caring for the carers – supporting staff to develop self-care skills

Us and them, me and you, we – regulatory relationships in nursing homes

Compassion fatigue and self-compassion in acute medical care hospital nurses

Learning from positive practices in County Durham

Finally, this group are LfE posters which were displayed at the conference but which had also been presented elsewhere first.

smaccBYTE – LfE

LfE sustaining improvements in prescribing behaviour (presented at ESPA 2017)