3rd July 2015

Focus on excellence

Today’s blog post is from Dr Nicki Kelly: @nickik_

On any journey, to reach your destination safely and promptly, you need to look toward the direction in which you are heading. To aim for top quality safe healthcare, surely we need to fix our eyes and our focus on the excellent, rather than only looking back on failure or being distracted by negative things.

How interesting then, that our industry strives for safety and quality by focusing on occurrences where it absent. Is that not like trying to become a world-class athlete by only observing the technique and performance of those who lose the race?

I’m sure we all witness clinical excellence every single day, yet error and failures seem to monopolise our attention and the media spotlight. We may be missing the opportunity to celebrate, share and learn from excellence in the wider NHS.

Do you need to reduce distractions on your route to clinical excellence, and focus your mind on those things that are excellent and recognise practices worthy of praise? The Learning from Excellence initiative may provide the inspiration to help keep you on the right track.


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