LfE in COVID19


A repository of what works well during the COVID19 pandemic. The purpose of this site is to share insights and ideas gained from real experience of success / excellence.  This is not primarily a place for official guidelines (although there are some links to those).

Content is either in the public domain or submitted to us directly for sharing.  Please feel free to share anything you think is useful – from practical insights to messages of hope and inspiration.  We will collate and curate content daily. To submit content, please contact us by email or Twitter.

Update 1st April 2020:

We have also added a new page “Art and Spirit”: a place for inspiring art in various media; for inspiration and escape.

Official guidance:

Official guidance for health professionals, from the Department of Health

Collaborative resource for ICU and anaesthesia for COVID19 resources and guidelines.

Curated and submitted content:

Acute medical / ICU / anaesthesia:

LfE in PPE:

A simple “mnemonic way” to remember sequence for donning and doffing:

How to find each other / identify who is who.  Some nice ideas here:

Or, just a simple #hellomynameis sticker:


For the surgical mask-wearers:


LfE in ICU education:

An excellent online ventilator simulator – for child and adult ventilation:


A very useful primer for ICU for non-intensivists:

LfE in intubation:

A thread from Twitter describing the experience of intubating patients with suspected / confirmed COVID19.  Includes tips, e.g. clamping the ETT whilst switching circuits.  Also includes links to intubation action cards.

Intubation checklists:

LfE in end of life care and conversations about dying:

LfE in communication with families and relatives:

Keeping tabs on who has communicated with whom:

Excellent, simple guide on communication with relatives by ‘phone here:


LfE in team working, leadership and human factors:

From Chris Turner, a simple idea to quickly identify experts (people who either know the answer, or can find the answer) in a busy department:

Similar idea here, to help identify new staff:

From Martin Bromiley; this checklist / short guide is excellent – updated April 2020:

LfE in simulation:

Manchester Simulation: A site for simulation scenarios (including dedicated COVID19 sims) AND a forum for sharing insights learned from simulation.

A thread from the OUH team describing their learning from their COVID19 Cat 1 CS maternity simulation:


Wellbeing/ anxiety / mental health:

LfE in self-care:

This thread on wellbeing at work is excellent:

We strongly recommend this excellent FREE course on the Science of Wellbeing, from Yale University:


Self care tips from MedLed:

Understanding fear and anxiety from St Emlyn’s:


This writing course is now free, and may be of benefit for many:

Great advice from the DFTB team on clinician care with 3 take-home points:


COVID Clinician Care

Very generous offering from Michael Farquhar with advice on sleep in the time of COVID19:


LfE in looking after each other:

Digital wellbeing hub from Scotland:

MindEd have selected the best advice and tips from our large panel of international experts. For all frontline staff created with NHS Health Education England in partnership with NHS England-Improvement, supported by Skills for Care:  https://covid.minded.org.uk/

Lovely idea here to show support and encouragement for junior staff helping out in a new environment:

The COVID-19 handbook, for paediatricians, but relevant to anyone!:


The Hug Voucher!:


“Minding Healthcare workers”: a useful resource:

Wellness rounds from the amazing Rana Awdish (please read her book, if you haven’t already done so):

If you would like a pdf version to print and display in your unit, you can download it here: The Big 5 Logos removed in case you want to add your own.  Thanks again to the GSTT ward team for the inspiration.


Where’s your wobble room!?


Research and insights form the military regarding psychological resilience in disasters:

Some wellbing posters – open access:


“How are you doing?” hubs:


“Fuel” and “Freshen up” boxes for colleagues:

A wealth of insights on wellbeing in Intensive Care (and beyond) from the Intensive Care Society and @DrJulie_H

How to help each other in the acute setting – #20minCareSpace- based on compassion circles:

An idea about helping self-isolating neightbours and friends in your community:

Narratives on COVID19 from Dr David Nabbaro, special envoy to WHO.  We particularly like Narrative 7 – Emotional Rescue, songs for our times:

Information sharing:

LfE in experiential learning / sharing insights:

A new podcast from Pediatric Intensiva, on the subject of “Real life logistics, hemodynamics, pathology & treatment of critical #COVID19“:


A thread full of insights on hospital organisation and adaptations to deal with the surge in actue admissions; from Spain:


A podcast from St Emlyn’s courtesy of Simon Carley to share an interview with Roberto Cosentini describing the insights gained from the COVID19 experience in a busy ED in Italy.

Critical Care Northampton’s huge resource of information on COVD19 for ICU and non-ICU health professionals.

Published peer-reviewed research:

Uptodate have made their COVID19 page free access!

Cochrane have made COVID19 in critical care resources free:


A very clever Twitter bot for latest research publications on covid19:


Auto-updating pubmed search on COVID19

And one specifically for paediatrics.


Clever infographic to explain self-isolation rules: