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The LfE team members are:

We are a team of clinicians and researchers with a shared interest in looking after our patients, ourselves and each other.  Below is a short biography on each team member:

Adrian Plunkett:  I am a consultant Paediatric Intensivist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  My main interests are palliative care, epidemiology, sepsis, metacognition and excellence reporting.  I am a rational optimist, and I am addicted to reading.  Tweet me @adrianplunkett or email me

Emma Plunkett:  I am a consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s Hospital. I’m involved with LfE in both organizations.  I think we get the best out of ourselves and each other by being supportive and appreciative.  I am a trained mentor and interested in finding ways to improve our wellbeing.  Tweet @emmaplunkett or email

Alison Jones: I am an intensive care research project manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Using QI methodology, I co-ordinated the PRAISe Project (Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis) to test the hypothesis that LfE can be used as an intervention to facilitate change. I am keen to continue generating reliable evidence to demonstrate the positive impact of LfE on staff well-being and clinical safety. Tweet: @AlisonSJones5; or email


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