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The LfE team members are:

We are a team of clinicians and researchers with a shared interest in looking after our patients, ourselves and each other.  Below is a short biography on each team member:

Adrian Plunkett:  Adrian is the clinical lead consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  He implemented Learning from Excellence in his department in 2014. In 2016 his team won an Innovation for Improvement grant from the Helath Foundation to test LfE interventions in a QI setting (PRAISe project) and is currrntly supervising the first LfE fellowship. Adrian describes himself as a rational optimist, and a positive psychology fan.  Tweet @adrianplunkett

Emma Plunkett:  I am a consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s Hospital. I’m involved with LfE in both organizations.  I think we get the best out of ourselves and each other by being supportive and appreciative.  I am a trained mentor and interested in finding ways to improve our wellbeing.  Tweet @emmaplunkett or email

Alison Jones: I am an intensive care research project manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Using QI methodology, I co-ordinated the PRAISe Project (Positive Reporting and Appreciative Inquiry in Sepsis) to test the hypothesis that LfE can be used as an intervention to facilitate change. I am keen to continue generating reliable evidence to demonstrate the positive impact of LfE on staff well-being and clinical safety. Tweet: @AlisonSJones5; or email

Neil Spenceley:  I am the Head of Paediatric Intensive Care in Glasgow and the Scottish Paediatric Patient Safety Lead. I am originally from The Highlands, trained in Edinburgh but soon defected to Glasgow to start a career at the Children’s Hospital. After working in Sydney and Vancouver I bizarrely returned to Glasgow where weather is terrible but the people are positive and funny. My physiological interests include oxygen delivery, the microcirculation and the single ventricle but my psychological interests, and real passion, lie in behaviours, culture and being glass half full. Tweet: @Neilspenceley

Gemma Crossingham:  I  am a Consultant Anaesthetist in Plymouth with special interests in obstetrics, quality improvement, safety culture, kindness and learning from excellence. Outside of work, I like to ski, surf, stand up paddle board, play tennis and provide a taxi service to my children!  Tweet: @gemolio

Aly Walker: I am a Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthetist and the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. My other anaesthetic interests include ENT and care of anxious children and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am the Learning from Excellence lead for our theatre department, am passionate about team morale, civility and the importance of looking after each other. Email: Tweet: @alysonwalkerRHC