Our repository of freely-available recommended reading materials and other resources:

Pubmed links by keywords (title and abstract):

Resilience Engineering


FRAM analysis


Safety-II and Resilience Engineering

Introductory articles and resources:

From safety-I to safety-II:  A White Paper:  (NHS England Sign up to Safety).

Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles (EUROCONTROL white paper)

Hollnagel talking at Risky Business 2014 in safety-II and resilience engineering.

FRAM analysis – (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) – website.


Appreciative Inquiry:

An introduction to Appreciative Inquiry on the Appreciative Inquiry commons website

Appreciating People website;

Blog post from Appreciating People on our work with LfE and AI: Where did it all go so right?!  Supporting Learning from Excellence in the NHS.

How word choice can cultivate optimism – a short article on language and optimism.


The following section is a list of evidence to provide support for the wider initiative of LfE, and related initiatives (we will update this intermittently):

Systematic reflection: Implications for learning from failures and successes.  Ellis et al.  Current Directions in Psychological Science 2014.  Link to abstract.

Association between organisational and workplace cultures, and patient outcomes: systematic review.  Braithwaite et al.  BMJ Open 2017.  Link to paper (open access).