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Learning from Excellence is spreading.  We are delighted that versions of LfE are being introduced in healthcare organisations all over the UK and the world.  This website is our way of sharing our experience and resources to help others interested in setting up similar initiatives.

However, LfE is more than just a process, it is also a philosophy.  Its applications are continually evolving.  We believe that we can learn from each other as we introduce and develop our systems and we want to create a Community of Practice to enable this.

We believe the Community should be co-created by its members.  To start it up we are planning two elements:

  1.  A discussion forum, to enable us to share ideas and experiences related to LfE, so we can help each other develop.  We will be adding a forum to this website in the near future.
  2.  A contact sheet for members of the Community.  As more initiatives are launched we recognise the need to ensure that members of the LfE Community are able to contact and work with other members in their organisation, region or specialty.

Please use the form below to register to be part of the LfE Community of Practice.  You can also request to be added to the mailing list on this form.  If you have already completed the survey to register, thank you; you do not need to register again.

(If you have any questions or would only like to be added to our mailing list then please click here.)


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